New SCOTUSblog-type Listing of Pending Cases Available on Court of Appeals Website

By Michael Wein

A new “all in one” feature has appeared on the Maryland Court of Appeals website, providing a chronological listing of all “Pending cases.” This feature would appear to give the immediate ability and transparent reminder (for anyone interested) to know which cases have been pending the longest at the Court of Appeals. There are also links to (1) the date of the grant of certiorari, (2) the date and link to oral arguments, (3) if a recent decision was issued, and (4) the main Questions Presented.

This information is intended to be updated regularly, and is made feasible by the Court of Appeal’s recent policy articulated by Chief Judge Mary Ellen Barbera, discussed in my previous blog post, to have all cases decided by August 31 of the same Term in which a case is argued. Cases appear to stay on the “Pending cases” list so long as the mandate has not yet issued, meaning that if a timely motion for reconsideration is filed and pending under Maryland Rule 8-605, the case remains on the list. It would also appear that pending Attorney Grievance cases, which are included in the same listing as “pending cases” but are heard under the Court of Appeals’ original jurisdiction, are at least intended to also be decided the same Term they are heard – something not clearly indicated previously. Additionally, while there are some differences with how SCOTUSblog organizes this information, this feature appears to be an attempt by the Court to consolidate information on all pending cases in one location.


2 responses to “New SCOTUSblog-type Listing of Pending Cases Available on Court of Appeals Website”

  1. Sean says :

    It would be nice if the Court of Special Appeals also provided this type of information.

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