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Release on Bond Pending Criminal Appeals in Maryland

By Megan E. Coleman

There is a paucity of Maryland appellate opinions addressing the denial of bail pending an appeal after a criminal conviction. There exists one opinion in the Court of Appeals authored in 1970[1] and six opinions in the Court of Special Appeals authored between 1972 and 1984.[2]

By no means does this dearth of recent appellate cases indicate that defendants nowadays are getting bail pending appeal every time they ask for it. Rather, very few defendants ask for bail pending appeal, and those who do rarely seek appellate review after their request for release is denied.

Why is that? Why isn’t it more appealing to ask for an appeal bond?

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Judge Diana Motz to Take Senior Status

The U.S. Courts website shows that, on December 13, Fourth Circuit Judge Diana Gribbon Motz announced her intent to take senior status upon confirmation of her successor. The Baltimore-based judge served on the Court of Special Appeals from 1991 to 1994, until her nomination to the Fourth Circuit by President Clinton and confirmation by the Senate on a voice vote.

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December 2021 Maryland Certiorari Grants

The Maryland Court of Appeals yesterday granted certiorari in five appeals, all of them civil cases.

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Seven Nominated for Montgomery County COSA Vacancy

The Appellate Courts Judicial Nominating Commission has nominated three judges and four practitioners for the vacancy created on the Court of Special Appeals when Governor Hogan elevated Judge Steven Gould to the Court of Appeals.

The nominees are:

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