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March 2022 Maryland Certiorari Grants, Batch 2

The Maryland Court of Appeals today granted certiorari in one additional case, the first to be assigned to its regular docket for its next term, starting September 1, 2022.

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COSA Spotlight: The Honorable E. Gregory Wells

By Diane Feuerherd and Steve Klepper

In late February, we sat down via zoom with Judge Gregory Wells, to learn more about him, his path to the bench and his chambers in Prince Frederick. What we did not know at that time, was that Governor Hogan was preparing to announce, the day after our interview, that he is appointing Judge Wells to be the next Chief Judge of the court. In that role, he will succeed Chief Judge Matthew Fader, who will be elevated to the Court of Appels in April. That we were able to profile Judge Wells at such a moment was, in a word often and graciously used by him in this interview, “serendipitous.”

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March 2022 Maryland Certiorari Grant, with an Update on Redistricting Cases

The Maryland Court of Appeals today granted certiorari in one case, a criminal appeal.

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Maryland’s Discretionary Standard for Applications for Leave to Appeal

By Steve Klepper (Twitter: @MDAppeal)

Maryland has an unusual procedure for appeals in post-conviction cases. The losing party, whether the State or the criminal defendant, must apply for leave to appeal. Our intermediate appellate court, the Court of Special Appeals (COSA), has unreviewable discretion whether to grant merits review of the decision. Our high court, the Court of Appeals, lacks statutory authority to review COSA’s discretionary decision to deny merits review.[1] No rule, statute, or decision tells us what standard governs that exercise of discretion.

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