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The Renewed Push to Rename Maryland’s Appellate Courts

By John Grimm

It’s no secret that the names of Maryland’s appellate courts are not to be taken literally: The Court of Special Appeals hears all appeals, while the Court of Appeals hears only special ones. Even lawyers admitted in Maryland who do not practice regularly in state court stumble over this nomenclature, and for non-lawyers or out-of-state lawyers (or even judges), the courts’ names provide little useful information about their roles in the Maryland judiciary.

A proposed amendment to the Maryland Constitution—SB 595 and its companion HB 1329—would eliminate this confusion, by renaming the State’s appellate courts. Read More…

On the “Maryland Supreme [sic] Court”

By Steve Klepper

“‘Sullivan & Gilbert’? Who are they?” – W.S. Gilbert, Topsy-Turvy (1999)

As the 2013-14 federal law clerks get to work, I’ll provide a quick note of caution. If you’re referring to a state appellate court, you need to get the name right. Your busy judge and the opinion publishers may fail to catch an error that will be immortalized on Westlaw. Read More…