Judge Arthur Publishes His First Opinion

Court of Special Appeals Judge (and former Maryland Appellate Blog editor) Kevin Arthur has published his first opinion: White v. Register of Wills, — Md. App. — (May 1, 2014). It comes less than six weeks after he joined the Court. It’s as concise and well-written as we here at the Maryland Appellate Blog expected.


2 responses to “Judge Arthur Publishes His First Opinion”

  1. wreynolds2014 says :

    But why are judicial branch The quality we expect of Judge Arthur. But why are not judicial branch employees not covered by the Whistleblower Law? The lack of outside review of that branch strongly suggests the need for a more general application

    • Michael Lentz says :

      The “why” is an interesting curiosity. I suspect the lack of protection may for judicial whistleblowers may stem from a perceived adverse impact on the perception of neutrality. (I have not researched the question). Does the “why” matter, though? If, as you suggest, a more general application is needed, the change should come from the General Assembly, shouldn’t it?

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