Happy Holidays from the Maryland Appellate Blog and Sonia Soto-Minor

By Steve Klepper (Twitter: @MDAppeal)

We here at the Maryland Appellate Blog would like to wish our readers a happy holiday season. Our gift to you is appellate mirth.

At the same time that the Internet was celebrating Ruth Baby Ginsburg this past Halloween, my wife’s friend more quietly posted pictures of her daughter dressed as Sonia Sotomayor. Pictures of the jabot-clad aspiring justice, whom I have dubbed Sonia Soto-minor, are after the jump.


The baby justice’s proud parents sent the pictures to Justice Sotomayor. True to gracious form, the justice, who has twice appeared on Sesame Street, responded by letter: “Thank you for your kind letter and for the wonderful pictures of your beautiful daughter … dressed as me for Halloween. I laughed heartily.” Justice Sotomayor even included a souvenir gavel from the Supreme Court’s gift shop to replace the wooden mallet.

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