Link Roundup: June 2015

By Chris Mincher

A sea change in Fourth Circuit employment law! Upheaval of Maryland income taxes courtesy of the Supreme Court! The potential mandate of a newspaper font for all state appellate legal writing! Three monumental developments in May, two of which people other than me cared enough to write about. The links after the jump.

States’ apportionment formulas (the methods by which states agree how to share tax revenue from interstate taxpayers) were historically crafted for manufacturing industries, giving preference to the states where production and sales took place. With the rise of internet commerce and service and information industries, states have increasingly looked to market-based formulas shifting tax revenue to the state in which the customer rather than the product- or service-provider sits.

  • Anyone who read my post regarding preferred typographical methods in appellate briefings could predict I wouldn’t be too happy with the Maryland Rules Committee’s attempt to make the state the first jurisdiction in the country to mandate use of the Times New Roman font. (I’m not too pleased with the Committee’s recommendation that double line spacing be required, either.) Read my discussion of the proposed rule changes here.

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  1. Sean Edwards says :

    The link takes you to a page that simply says Error 404 – Page Not Found. Thought you might want to know.


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