March 2023 Maryland Certiorari Grants (Part 3)

On Friday, the Supreme Court of Maryland granted certiorari in one case, which presents novel questions under the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2022. It is scheduled to be argued in September.

In re: M.P. – Case No. 3, September Term, 2022 (Bypass Review)

Issues – Courts & Judicial Proceedings – 1) As an issue of first impression, does the newly enacted Juvenile Justice Reform Act (“JJRA”), Md. Code Ann. § 3-8A-03 of the Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article, which establishes a minimum age of jurisdiction for the juvenile court, apply to cases pending at the time of the statute’s enactment? 2) As an issue of first impression, is an order denying a motion to dismiss for lack of juvenile court jurisdiction immediately appealable under the collateral order doctrine?

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