September 2015 Maryland Certiorari Grants

The Court of Appeals website has posted certiorari grants from its September 17 conference, to go with an unscheduled September 3 grant we previously covered. The first grant, which is of great interest to (at least one of) our Annapolis readers, raises an important public policy question: Will downtown Annapolis get a Chipotle? The full two-case list is after the jump.

A Guy Named Moe, LLC t/a Moe’s Southwest Grill v. Chipotle Mexican Grill of Colorado, LLC, et al. – Case No. 56, September Term, 2015

Issue – Corporations and Associations – Did CSA err when it determined that a foreign limited liability, that had previously and correctly registered to do business in MD, but whose registration lapsed or was forfeit, is absolutely and incurably barred from maintaining a lawsuit in the State of Maryland that is filed during such lapse?

State of Maryland v. Jeriko Graves – Case No. 57, September Term, 2015

Issue – Criminal Law – Did the trial court comply with the mandates of Rule 4-215(e), where the court informed Respondent that if he had a meritorious reason for discharging counsel his case would be continued, and directly asked Respondent whether he wanted to discharge counsel, to which Respondent answered that he would “keep [defense counsel] on”?

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