Many thanks to Ocean City SCOTUS panel

By Steve Klepper (Twitter: @MDAppeal)

This past weekend was my first time moderating the annual Supreme Court term-in-review panel in Ocean City, as part of the MSBA’s Annual Meeting. I had the pleasure of introducing Dahlia Lithwick of Slate, Jim Feldman of the University of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Law Clinic, and Catherine M.A. Carroll of WilmerHale.

Our panelists were knowledgeable, gracious, and entertaining as they ran through the most important cases of an unusual Supreme Court term. Ms. Lithwick was kind enough to indulge my “dad jokes,” as she brought truth to my warning that she might interrupt the panel halfway through for a word from Casper Mattresses. (If you listen to Amicus or other podcasts, you’ll get it. You’ll groan, but you’ll get it.) Our audience, which included many of Maryland’s appellate judges, was engaged and asked great questions. My thanks go to our panelists, to the MSBA Section of Litigation, to the Appellate Practice Committee, to committee co-chair Judge Kevin Arthur, to longtime committee chair/moderator Andy Baida, and to our audience.

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