14 Nominated for Court of Special Appeals: June 2017

By Brandon Moore

Governor Hogan will be picking from 14 candidates to fill the at-large seat on the Court of Special Appeals vacated by the recent retirement of Chief Judge Peter B. Krauser. The nominations were announced last week and were chosen from an impressive list of lawyers and judges who applied in April. Eight of the candidates were automatically advanced because they had been previously recommended for the Court by the Judicial Appellate Nominating Commission. Five of the nominees are sitting circuit court judges.

We extend our institutional congratulations to two of the nominees, who happen to be illustrious members of the Blog’s editorial staff – Karen Federman Henry and Brad McCullough. Neither Karen nor Brad contributed to this post.[1]

The nominees are:

Andrew Howard Baida (Rosenberg Martin Greenberg LLP)

Cathleen Cawley Brockmeyer (Office of Attorney General)

Gardner Mareen Duvall (Whiteford Taylor Preston, LLP)

Honorable Judith Claibourne Ensor (Circuit Court for Baltimore County)

Matthew John Fader (Office of Attorney General)

Kurt James Fischer (Venable LLP)

Karen Louise Federman Henry (Office of Attorney General)

James Bradford McCullough (Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd)

Honorable Cathy Hollenberg Serrette (Circuit Court for Prince George’s County)

Honorable Sean Daniel Wallace (Circuit Court for Prince George’s County)

Honorable Edward Gregory Wells (Circuit Court for Calvert County)

Honorable Pamela Janice White (Circuit Court for Baltimore County)

Martin Eugene Wolf (Gordon, Wolf & Carney Chartered)

Phillip Robert Zuber (Sasscer, Clagett & Bucher)


[1] Steve Klepper, the Blog’s editor-in-chief, was among those who applied in April. He also did not contribute to this post.


One response to “14 Nominated for Court of Special Appeals: June 2017”

  1. Mary Featherston says :

    Egads, not Wells again. Wish I’d kept a copy of my comment the last time (I saw) his name on this list. Don’t know about others, but only had to see — well, rather, hear recording of) one example of his idea of proper admin of justice in GDC criminal case to conclude “bad idea” for Circuit Court. And as for prospect of elevation … Can’t rely on presence of colleagues to school-influence him. Hopefully he has no serious chance and is on the list merely to satisfy political requirements. I already feel bad for citizenry of Calvert County, because too many judges and court commissioners and top personnel simply make up procedure and law to suit themselves, knowing Annapolis will do nothing but shrug and take position that people of that county (and others) are on their own … or rationalize they can like it or lump it/move. LOL/lawl.

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